Cat Carriers

Cat Carriers (Airline Approved)

It is important that, in addition to the health and documentation requirements, your cat travels in a suitable container which must be well ventilated, large enough for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn around freely. No part of your cat is allowed to protrude from the carrier and the carrier should be both secure and leak proof. The Pets on the Move Cat Carriers are built with maximum comfort and safety in mind and all cat carriers are fully airline approved and are sturdy with a carrying handle.

To ensure your cat is comfortable, each carrier is large enough to ensure that your cat can stand fully erect and turn around in the carrier, at its adult size.

The Guidelines Below are extracts from the DEFRA web site and cover the construction of of all carriers including cat carriers.

With relevance to construction of cat carriers please note the extract within the mesh section.

2. Crates used for the transportation of animals shall be –
(a) strongly constructed, with a solid, leak-proof floor;
(b) nose and paw proof;
(c) padlocked or fastened with a secure lock or bolt,
(d) adequately ventilated,
(e) large enough for the comfort of the animal contained within, and
(f) capable of being cleansed and disinfected after each journey.
3. All mesh in vehicles and crates must be weld mesh. Where cats are carried, it must have a wire diameter of at least 1.65 mm and a mesh size not exceeding 2.54 cm by 2.54 cm. Where dogs are carried, it must have a wire diameter of at least 2.10 mm and a mesh size not exceeding 2.54 cm wide by 7.62 cm.

Pets on the move are specialist cat carriers.

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